Surprise Visitors!

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What an exciting morning at The Children's Meetinghouse! One of our teachers surprised our students with some very special visitors...her pet chickens! 

At first, the children greeted our guests with a mix of caution and curiosity...

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But once the chickens were freely roaming around our playground, everyone started laughing at their funny and energetic behavior.

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One chicken even tried to go down the slide. How silly!

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Any child who expressed interest was given the opportunity to gently pet the chickens.

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Some children learned how to feed the chickens by holding their palms open to offer food. Others held freshly-laid eggs and were shocked to discover that when an egg cracked open, "it looked just like the eggs we buy from the supermarket!" Meaningful, real-life connections like these are one of the many reasons we believe in an emergent, exploratory Early Childhood curriculum. 

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A few children and teachers felt brave enough to hold a chicken in their arms.

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The morning took a particularly exciting turn when a chicken escaped over our fence and had to be retrieved. Never a dull moment around these parts!

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Here at TCM, we don't take for granted the fact that our school is located in Concord, MA, a historic, bucolic New England town. This provides us the ability to offer our children a hands-on curriculum immersed in nature and wildlife. Such a gift!

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Until next time, Chickens.