Pizza Pizza


Who doesn't love a fresh slice of cheesy pizza? Inspired by the children's discussions about favorite foods, the toddler classroom recently completed a mini unit all about one of their collective favorite!


They made their own artistic representations of pizza in a multi-step art project. First, the children painted sauce onto paper plates with red paint. Next, they sorted and selected preferred toppings, including shredded paper cheese, green peppers, pepperoni slices, and onions. Each child was given the autonomy to top their pizza however he or she chose: the teachers commented how interesting it was to see individual tastes represented in the art.


Snack time became an especially hands-on, messy experience during pizza week! The children each received their own ball of real dough to pound, flatten and roll out. Using spoons to spread sauce and fingers to sprinkle cheese proved to be a delightful sensory experience for everyone. Some especially adventurous eaters opted to include pineapple chunks atop their pizzas. 

IMG_1885 (1).jpg

Taking a field trip over to the preschool room to place the pizzas in the oven was an even bigger deal! If only you were here to smell the scent of those pizzas baking...

imagejpeg_0 (1).jpg

Other activities included pizza-making role play in the dramatic play area with round pans and felt toppings, forming pizza playdough with slicers and colored shapes; several story time read-a-louds of the classic Pete's A Pizza; constructing english muffin pizzas, and reciting pizza finger plays during circle time.

All in all, a delicious time was had by all.


P.S. While the newest and youngest members of the group couldn't partake in all of the actual pizza-making activities, they were thoroughly entertained cheering on their older peers during the process. :)