Preschool Program

Children eligible for the Preschool program range in age from two years nine months through five years old. Our program utilizes mixed age groupings in a multifaceted, exploratory curriculum where childhood is embraced and celebrated! The preschool is led by a team of experienced teachers who utilize their vast knowledge of child development and early childhood educational standards to design curriculum that supports each child's social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and pre-math and literacy development. 

Each session consists of up to twenty children with two to three teachers. The preschool classrooms are enriched by the variety of play areas and centers. In the centers, children are encouraged to make choices and discover more about themselves and their world, with teacher stimulation and guidance. The play areas are set up to promote artistic, scientific, sensory, verbal, written, and mathematical skill-building. The space is equipped with large and small blocks, manipulatives, dramatic play space, sensory, science, and writing tables, art areas, and a book area.

A typical day includes free play, outdoor time, meeting time, stories, group activities and projects, all of which take place in a multi-arts curriculum. Children in the preschool eat snack and lunch together in the classroom.